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Oregon Truss Covid-19 Response Update

Oregon Truss will be carefully following well publicized prevention practices to remain in operation through this difficult time.

We are looking for ways to limit exposure within our control. The health and safety of our employees, our customers, suppliers, and the general community are our biggest concerns.

Some actions to date:

  • The infection prevention training 3/17. Please wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  • Employees are required to maintain a distance of no closer than 6’ from other employees at all times. This is now part of the governor’s Executive Order 20-12 issued 3/23/2020.
  • We established a monitoring protocol with people regularly checking to make certain safe practices are followed.
  • Employees with roles suitable for telecommuting will be encouraged to use that option. We will provide resources to facilitate that option.
  • We will reduce the number of unnecessary additional people coming in contact with our employees.
  • Unauthorized people are no longer allowed to come on property.
    • This includes people who regularly come to pick up scrap lumber, unnecessary vendor sales calls or visitors allowed on property.
  • Person to person meetings should be avoided if phone, email or video conferencing is an option.
  • After work is completed, we encourage employees to head straight home and avoid unnecessary contact with others. You never know who a carrier of the virus may be.
  • Drivers, crane operators and salespeople have been issued masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. They are required to use them as instructed by the registered nurse led training conducted in April. All employees are required to learn and comply all to safety requirements for customers they contact.
  • Hand sanitization stations will be increased as supplies arrive.
    • 4 additional handwashing stations are located around the property.

Any employees showing possible symptoms will be asked to take sick leave until it can be determined that they are safe to return. If you feel that you are becoming ill, please let your supervisor know that you are leaving until you can determine if you present a contagion risk. If this happens, please contact Bob Burrows at 503-376-6567 or bob@oregontruss.com for guidelines on safely returning to work.

Wayne Beebe, President
Oregon Truss

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